Akdeniz Şifa Hospital

Our hospital, which is built on a closed area of ​​5500m2, provides services to the surrounding provinces, districts and the entire Mediterranean region, with a total of 75 beds and a total of 30 intensive care beds, including 16 incubators, a neonatal intensive care unit, 6 internal, 6 surgical and 2 coronary beds.  

As Private Akdeniz Şifa Hospital; our services are anesthesia and reanimation, neurosurgery, nutrition and dietetics, biochemistry, dermatology, pediatrics, oral and dental diseases, physical therapy and rehabilitation, general surgery, ophthalmology, chest diseases, internal medicine, gastroenterology, gynecology and obstetrics, ENT, neurology, orthopedics and traumatology, radiology, urology, cardiology and emergency departments, hair transplantation, rehabilitation center, imaging center, laser epilation unit, endoscopy unit, internal, surgical and coronary intensive care units and neonatal intensive care unit. We strive to provide uninterrupted health services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

As Private Akdeniz Şifa Hospital, we care very much about patient rights and expectations. As a reflection of the value we place on human life, we try to meet the expectations of patients and their relatives with our patient rights unit, in addition to providing quality healthcare services, and aim to ensure their satisfaction at the highest level. 

Private Akdeniz Şifa Hospital knows its responsibilities towards the environment and society in the service delivery process and operates its processes in this direction. Our hospital, which was planned by considering the health service needs of the Mediterranean region, continues to provide services in line with its founding principles. 

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