Dünyagöz Hospital

Dünyagöz Hospitals Group, which started to serve in 1996, provides eye health services with 500 different treatment methods for problems related to eye and eye health in all branches of the eye. Dünyagöz Hospitals Group, which started a new era with branch hospitalization in our country, has a capacity of 8000 polyclinics and 1000 surgeries per day. and abroad, it provides health services at 29 different points in total.  

Dünyagöz has become the medical reference center of the world in a short time with its medical staff of 250 people, consisting of academicians and specialist doctors, and 2000 personnel. 

In Turkey's central Anatolia, north, south and west, in total 21 different points in 12 different provinces and abroad in Frankfurt and Cologne of Germany, Tbilisi of Georgia, Baku of Azerbaijan, Amsterdam of the Netherlands, Bishkek of Kyrgyzstan, Bosnia-Herzegovina's Sarajevo and Kosovo's Pristina, it provides services at 8 different points. Dünyagöz will continue its investments abroad at the same pace and aims to expand to a wider geography with its new center opened in Izmir in 2021. By taking the lead in health tourism in Turkey and serving an average of 80 thousand patients from 147 different foreign countries of the world annually, Dünyagöz has been awarded Turkey's 500 Largest Service Exporter Certificate of Achievement, and aims to expand the volume of health tourism with its new breakthroughs abroad in 2021. 

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