Gluteoplasty (Buttocks Aesthetics)

Gluteoplasty (Buttocks Aesthetics) Gluteoplasty is the buttocks enlargement and lifting process that makes the hips look fuller, more upright and fit. With Buttocks Aesthetics (Gluteoplasty), it is possible to give your hips the shape you wish.
Different methods are used for Buttocks Aesthetics.

1- Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)
Fats taken from various parts of the body (waist, hips, lower and upper sides of the butt) using liposuction method are intensified with special processes and injected into the butt. (In this application, the patient’s own fat is used..)

2- Buttocks Prosthesis
Prostheses (implants) are placed into the muscle by applying an incision made on the joins of two butts.
*The implants used in the buttocks prosthesis are not the same as the implants used in the breast prosthesis. The implants used in the buttocks prosthesis are firmer than used in the breast prosthesis.
*Since the prostheses are placed between two butts, the incision scar is not visible.

3- Buttocks Lift
Skin loosening and collapse may occur due to over weight loss (especially those undergone bariatric sleeve gastrectomy) or aging. In such cases, only fat injection and prosthesis are not enough. The skin is removed from the lower part of the abdomen and the top of the buttocks, and the hip area is lifted up by a sling operation.
Buttocks Aesthetic surgery is a surgical operation performed under general anesthesia. Depending on the type of operation performed, the duration of surgery varies, but takes approximately 1.5-2 hours. The duration of hospital stay is usually 1 day.
After the buttocks aesthetic surgery, the patient returns to his/her daily activities in 7-10 days.
The patient is recommended to lie face downwards for 2 weeks.

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