Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Teeth may lose their whiteness over time due to food, beverages (tea, coffee, etc.), smoking and early use of antibiotics. For this, Teeth Whitening (bleaching) process is applied to remove the colouring in the teeth.
Treatment Methods
1. Office Type Whitening (Office Bleaching)
Before proceeding to the Teeth Whitening process, dental calculus is cleaned. With a special substance, the gingivae (gums) are protected. A whitening gel is applied on the outer surface of the teeth and a special light source is applied.
This operation takes approximately 1 hour. In your tooth colour, bleaching up to 2-3 tons is ensured.
2. Home Type Whitening (Home Bleaching)
A transparent plaque and whitening agent that patient can be apply at home are prepared by the dentist and explained how to use it at home during the day.
** In both methods, peroxide based bleaching agents are used. However, 15-43% peroxide is used in the Office Whitening Process, while 3-20% peroxide is used in the Home Whitening Process. Therefore, the most effective method among whitening processes is Office Whitening.

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