Dental Implants

Dental Implants What is implant?
The implant is an artificial tooth root, usually in the form of a screw, placed in the jaw bone in places of the missing tooth or teeth and made for the support of prosthesis. Implants are mostly made of titanium. Because it fits the jaw bone like a part of the body.
The implants are placed in the jaw bone by a small surgical operation in Dental Clinics. Since local anesthesia is applied during the operation, no pain is felt.
After the implants are placed, it is necessary to wait between 1-6 months so that they can hold on tight with jaw bone. After all these steps are completed, the prosthesis is placed.
*Implant Applications need healthy gingiva and jaw bone that can support the implant.
It is also necessary to care about the porcelain teeth placed on implant application. Prostheses made of Zirconium abutment and Zirconium are preferred for incisor teeth, while titanium-based abutments are preferred for molar teeth.
* Implants can be used for lifetime when properly and well cared.

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