Endodontics Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics)
The dental pulp (known as ‘nerve’ among people) in the center of the tooth provides the nutrition and development of the tooth. Pulp can be damaged, inflamed or infected for many reasons. In these cases, the root canal should be cleaned and filled with dental filling. This operation is called as Root Canal Treatment.
Infection in the root canal may cause factors such as;
> Pain that does not go away even with painkillers
> Swelling of the face or neck
> Tooth breakage
> Pressure on nerves
> Tooth discolouration.
The patient will not feel any pain since the Root Canal Treatment will be performed by applying local anesthesia to the tooth.
Root Canal Treatment can be done in one or several sessions depending on the condition of the tooth. The treatment operation takes approximately 1 hour.
Treated teeth can be used for lifetime with proper oral and dental care.

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