Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile It is not impossible to have a healthy and perfect smile thanks to Hollywood Smile.
For the Hollywood Smile:
• The colour, size and arrangement of the teeth are important.
• Upper incisor teeth should be more apparent than other teeth.
• On a beautiful and healthy smile, the teeth are adjusted according to the harmony with your face shape.
• The lips should be symmetrical.              
• The gingivae (gums) should be healthy and symmetrical. When starting the Smile Design, we first take photos of your teeth for the best smile that suits you. We choose the most suitable teeth form with the 3D view of your teeth. We prepare a temporary tooth model according to this form. We apply porcelain laminae or zirconiums to your teeth up to the model you like and approve.
*** In addition to implant treatment for your lost teeth which disrupts dental aesthetics, gingival aesthetics is also performed to make your gingivae symmetrical according to your needs.

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