Bichectomy With the Bichectomy operation, also known as Hollywood cheek, an inverted triangle view is created.
The excessive cheek fat gives the face a plump and round look. Even thinner people can have much cheek fat. By taking these fats partially or completely, a nice proportion and nice appearance is created. Your chin and cheekbones become more clear and you will gain a sharper appearance on your facial lines.
Bichectomy surgery can be performed under either local or general anesthesia. Cheek fat (buccal fat tissue) is removed from the mouth with 1-2 cm incisions. These incisions are closed with 1-2 sutures that can melt on their own. The operation takes approximately 20-30 minutes.
*Since the operation is performed inside the mouth, there is no visible scar from the outside.
The patient can return to his/her daily life immediately after Bichectomy surgery. Since the operation takes place inside the mouth, the use of antibiotics is recommended against any infection.

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