A person’s facial features play a crucial role in their social recognition and differentiation from others. Beauty standards often involve proportional organ distribution and the percentage of tissue present, which is where the concept of the golden ratio comes into play. While individual facial features, such as the nose, mouth, cheeks, lips, eye color, and hair, may not be examined separately at first glance, they collectively contribute to the overall appearance of the face. In the golden ratio, the triangular shape of the chin and cheeks are particularly important.

Hollywood cheek aesthetics is a procedure that transforms the face from a U-shape to a V-shape, accentuating the cheekbones. It aims to achieve the golden ratio through prominent cheekbones and a slender chin area. Also known as Bichectomy, triangular face surgery, or V-face surgery, Hollywood cheek aesthetics is often performed on faces with a square contour or excessive cheek fat pads. The procedure involves the removal of excess fat pads located 1 cm away from the cheek area, accessed from inside the mouth, without leaving any visible traces on the outer surface of the cheeks. Removing these fat pads results in less full cheeks, more prominent cheekbones, and a smaller chin appearance.

The procedure typically lasts around thirty minutes and can be performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on the patient’s preference and overall condition. We recommend not undergoing this procedure before the age of twenty or twenty-five, unless in extreme cases, as the thickness of the fat layers and cheek fullness naturally decrease with age. It is crucial to personalize each patient’s cheek treatment plan and approach it with meticulous care. Factors such as the patient’s age and the dimensions of their chin and cheekbones influence the amount of fat to be removed.

With a personalized plan, your plastic surgeon will initiate the process after thoroughly examining your facial features. Therefore, it is essential to remember that your plastic surgeon’s experience plays a significant role in this regard.

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