All Inclusive Bariatric Surgery Packages in Turkey

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Bariactric Surgery Packages

Gastric Sleeve Turkey

Gastric sleeve operation is the process of surgically removing 80% of the stomach and bringing it to a very small size. With this method, which is frequently preferred in the treatment of obesity, it is possible to lose weight permanently and quickly and to get rid of obesity.

In individuals with obesity problems, the stomach is usually stretched and gained a very large volume. This leads to consuming more nutrients than the body needs. The stomach is an organ that can expand up to 3 times due to its structure. By taking advantage of this feature of the stomach, gastric sleeve method can be preferred in individuals who into the obesity class. While small portions are consumed at first, the individual’s stomach gains a normal size over time, and weight control can be maintained for a lifetime.

However, the individual needs to pay attention to what he or she eats throughout the life. This is valid for the entire post-bariatric surgery period. Otherwise, the stomach can be restored to its pre-operative state. What should not be worried about is that the appetite is much lower after the surgery than before, and the stomach immediately sends a signal of satiety to the brain with less food. This shows that the operation is not only effective on volume and appetite, but also on hormones.

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