What is the All on 6 implant technique?

In the all on six treatment, a permanent prosthesis is created using 6 implants that act as abutments for the teeth. Six implants are placed in the lower or upper jawbone and teeth are made on them.

What is the procedure of All On 6 procedure?

The implants in the front are placed at an angle of 90 degrees and the ones in the back at an angle of 45 degrees. Temporary teeth are placed on the implants on the same day. An average of 3 months is expected for the bone and implant to integrate. Then, the treatment is completed by making permanent teeth.

Who is All on 6 suitable for?

Patients who do not have any disability to have dental implant surgery. For this reason, this technique can be applied in patients who do not have a systemic disease and have sufficient bone level.

What are the advantages of All on 6 procedure?
  • It allows people who have complete tooth deficiency to get healthy teeth quickly.
  • It provides fixed prosthesis to patients who need removable prostheses.
  • Aesthetic appearance is satisfactory.
  • Speaking and eating and drinking functions are gained quickly.
What are the disadvantages of All on 6 procedure?

Oral care should be given more importance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does the implant placement process take?

It is essential to pay attention to the hygiene rules in the all on 4 technique, which has a lifetime use.

When is sinus lifting or bone graft required?

There are anatomical cavities in the upper jaw. These spaces are called sinuses. In some patients, these spaces may expand into the extraction spaces. As the implants will fall into the cavity as a result of this expansion, sufficient bone amount is needed for implant placement. Therefore, the sinus membrane needs to be lifted up and bone added.

Is there any pain after the procedure?

It is possible to experience mild pain and swelling after the procedure. In this case, painkillers can be used.

How should nutrition be after the procedure?

You should consume soft and liquid foods for a few days following the surgery.

How long is the total treatment time?

It can vary between 3-9 months depending on the treatment plan.

What happens if the tooth does not integrate with the bone?

The implant is removed and that area is left to heal. After sufficient time, if the existing bone is suitable, another implant is placed in that area.

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