High definition liposuction, also known as hi-def liposuction, is the process of separating the adipose tissue from other tissues by sending sound waves to an area with regional lubrication problem and then removing it from the body. In this way, resistant adipose tissue that cannot be removed from an area is removed from the body in a short time. No damage is performed to other tissues. Reshaping the body is a process that helps to get into shape and is recommended by experts when necessary.

Apart from these, when applied to the abdomen, it is a useful procedure for fatty liver, digestive problems, diseases such as polycystic ovary syndrome in women and metabolic problems that may develop due to them. Of course, individuals who have this surgery should gain healthy eating and regular exercise habits after the surgery. It should definitely not be thought that the procedure has a miraculous effect and that the habits that cause the body to store fat again can be continued after the fat in the area is broken down.


High definition liposuction, Hi-def lipo, which is usually performed by male individuals with regional adiposity problems, covers the procedures required to give the upper body an attractive appearance. This procedure must be performed by plastic surgeons in the operating room environment. Individuals who cannot achieve a sporty appearance by doing sports, who cannot achieve the body they dream of even though they pay attention to their nutrition, or who do not want to wait for a long time to achieve the body they have dreamed of can benefit from High definition liposuction.

Before the procedure, whether the individual’s health status is suitable for treatment will be determined by the radiological examinations and blood tests performed by the plastic surgeon. Since general anesthesia is applied during the procedure, all pre-operating room procedures are applied to the individual and it is checked whether there is a possible health risk. If the surgeon does not see any inconvenience, the day of the operation is decided.


High definition liposuction procedure is started with general anesthesia. The upper part of the abdomen is reshaped to give a slab appearance. Then, the side lines of the abdomen are created and the upper region is made more prominent. Groin lines are also made prominent.

To achieve this reshaping, sound waves (ultrasound) are sent to the abdomen. Sound waves allow the adipose tissue in the area to pass into liquid form and separate from other tissues. Mini incisions are made. The fat tissue is taken out of the body with the help of micro-sized cannulas through these incisions. Then, in order to provide a slab appearance, fat tissue is injected into these parts, so that certain points on the belly appear more convex. Before the injection process, the adipose tissue is centrifuged and the useful part is separated from the part to be discarded. When the process is finished, the incisions are carefully stitched with a thin, aesthetic suture technique. In this way, these incisions become indistinct over time and will not be visible when viewed from the front.


Individuals who want to have the high definition liposuction procedure performed in Turkey can purchase the entire process for even less than half of the procedure. Our clinic, which has gained a worldwide reputation for its quality service, offers an ultra-luxurious service period.

Individuals who make an appointment by calling our clinic are first given the necessary information. In accordance with the specified appointment date, a room is booked in one of the most luxurious hotels of the city on behalf of the individual and his/her companion, if any. Individuals are advised to arrange their flight tickets to land in the city at least 1 day before the appointment date so that they feel less stressed and can rest sufficiently. In addition, if requested, our clinic staff can also assist with flight ticket transactions.

A private driver greets clients arriving at the airport in a luxury vehicle. The same is true for returning to the airport. In this way, there is no problem in transportation and clients do not have to carry their belongings alone.

The next day or at the appointment time, the individual and his companion meet with the plastic surgeon at the clinic. At this stage, the questions that the individual is curious about are answered by the doctor and the necessary health screenings are performed. If all tests are deemed appropriate, the day and time for the operation is determined. All controls before and after treatment are followed by the individual’s doctor. After the high definition liposuction technique, individuals are usually discharged on the same day or 1 day later. After the operation, the individual can visit the city and continue to stay in Turkey as long as he wants, taking into account the doctor’s warnings.


For more detailed information, you can contact us using the contact information on the Contact Us page of our clinic and you can benefit from our free consultancy service.

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